New movie in progress!

2009-10-26 09:25:47 by Swished

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since my last post, but i just want to say that i'm working on a new flash movie.
Some of you have already seen the new trailer at
If everything goes well, then it will be released in november 2009.

That's it for now.
You can expect more information about the upcoming movie this or next month =)


I'm having problems with my computer lately and it's slowing down the progress.
Because of this issue, i'm not always able to work on the movie.
I can't release it this month anymore, so i'll have to release the movie in december. =(

That's all i had to say.
It's not much, but i just wanted to let the people know who were expecting the movie
this month.


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2009-10-26 18:01:43

Good luck.

Swished responds:

Hey Garrett, thanks man ^^


2009-11-03 11:08:25

dude i like asylum3

Swished responds:

Hehe thanks, that's nice to hear!


2009-11-06 06:08:03

Hi and it was Great i can see their organ and see a green guy (mabye its zombie)


2009-11-06 06:20:06

and yes your english look good how much you score on your english test =) ???


2009-11-06 06:21:08

the research center dosent have security tower and turret tho... =O

Swished responds:

Well, i only showed one side of the building.
It's a well guarded place, but it's more on the inside of the building.

Btw, i'm glad you enjoyed the little trailer.
More info will be revealed this month. =)


2009-11-06 06:24:37

and your icon look like your username with a stick and thite background


2009-11-14 04:34:24



2009-11-16 07:22:45

omg! this is soo cool! judging from the new trailer, i can see you made a great improvement, blood is better, cinematic is awesome! looking forward to it! and when is Vanflash coming out again??

(Updated ) Swished responds:

Hey Sam, thanks!

Vanflash returns this year. We will try to release the upcoming movie
along with the website. ^^
There isn't an exact release date for the movie, but it will be
finished somewhere in december.


2009-11-26 10:22:58

OMG! I'm slow!

Anyway, I hope it's not laggy when you animate, you didn't use too much filters did you?

(Updated ) Swished responds:

Hey there!

Flash doesn't have anything to do with my computer problems.
And as you can see, i never use filter effects for my flash animations. Except blur. I use that filter sometimes, but not much.

I'm pretty sure the movie will play normal, just like my previous anims ^^


2009-12-02 21:28:11

Sweet, looking forward to it! Caught the trailer on Vanflash and it has the usual Swished look and charm we all know and love. :)


Swished responds:

Hey Foist, thanks man!
That's nice to hear from you ^^