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2010-02-02 17:44:00 by Swished

Hey everyone,

IWillKill was supposed to be released in january 2010, but it was impossible for me to do that.
A week ago, my PC was unable to boot and i thought i lost everything i was working on.
But luckily, that wasn't the case.
I spent a few days without my PC but i got my computer back now.
I still have all the files and i will continue working on IWillKill as soon as i can.

I hope i can release IWillKill this month, i will give a more specific release date very soon. =)


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2010-02-06 04:52:22

Don't let us down dude! The trailer looks great. Also, if you need any pro web designers hit me up.


2010-02-06 15:46:23

PCs ftw right? >.>


2010-02-07 08:58:15

Hey Swished Long Time No See Sorry But No All Netherland People is friendly ( I Found 2 is hating some of n00b in counter-strike :P ) So what is the plot of movie ? zombie eating people ? =D


2010-02-07 08:58:44

BTW What Score You Got On English ? :D


2010-02-17 20:10:21

Cant wait. Your other animations were really good so this should be good.


2010-04-14 21:41:05

Swiiiiiiiiiiiished! Man we're still waiting on yah! Hope everythings alright with you and hope to see IWillKill soon! :D

Swished responds:

Hi Foist!
I know i haven't made any updates lately, but i'm still having problems with
my computer. I hope it will be fixed soon, so i can continue working on IWillKill. =)
I still don't have a specific release date for it, but you can expect
the movie this year!


2010-07-09 17:24:59

awesome dude i cant wait for your next animation all yours are freaking awesome


2010-09-15 05:21:04

still alive?


2012-03-10 08:31:46

nice dude very excited about that. asylum is by far one of my favorite flash movies.


2012-04-01 06:34:41

your animations are really coo^^