Against the Colossus released!

2008-01-23 12:38:06 by Swished

Hello everyone, Against the Colossus is out now! =D
What do you think about this movie?


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2008-01-24 08:38:48

it sux

Swished responds:

Your comment doesn't make any sense, WHY do you think it sucks?


2008-01-24 22:51:57

I liked it a lot especially the camera angles


2008-01-25 00:08:55

It was nice.Smooth Animation,good music....but i noted a little bit of Shadow Of The Colossus Influence(?)
Regardless,Runs Nice as your Asylum flashes...

Good job,one step ahead to becoming well known on newgrounds =D

Swished responds:

Thanks, i'm glad you liked it :D
It was all inspired by the game Shadow of the Colossus, so some effects might look similiar as in the game.


2008-01-25 08:46:22

Perfect. 5/5


2008-01-25 09:51:17

Amazing animation man. The focusing, sense of distance, and smooth animation all came together for one hell of a flash. Excellent work.


2008-01-25 11:49:14

Haha,i Knew it XD

Anyway,Have you ever considered using voice-acting on your movies?It would give a fine touch,instead of effects.


2008-01-25 16:29:32

it was great.i loved it. favorites!


2008-01-25 21:49:21

that was a excellent movie. i was watching the whole time thinking dammmnnn howd he do it. honestly, howd ya do it!! it's like a one man cinematic equivelant to a team on a big movie. well anyway i gave it a 10 because it was awsome. im aussie but i see your from the sisters over there right now. im pretty sure i should get her to shake your hand! 5/5 too.


2008-01-26 10:35:46

too many sticks sucked dick

Swished responds:

Okay that's your opinion, i know that not everyone likes stickfigure movies.


2008-01-26 11:46:59

it was really stylish and well done, with all the blurs and color schemes and proportions of the sticks. often when people animate stick figures, they dont have enough fun with leg and arm proportions, but I think you really did, well done :)

Swished responds:

Thanks, i'm glad you liked it =)


2008-01-26 14:13:52

it was great, Ive wacthed it at least 10 times by now.


2008-01-26 21:44:47

i really want u to click this it would be a honor for u to click and do anything elese it tells u to do plz... 51


2008-01-27 01:46:42

pretty good! it would be better if it wasnt stick figure! dont get me wrong i love stick figures but that movie felt like it woulda kicked more ass if it wasnt!
still a pretty good movie!


2008-01-27 05:32:10

you are absolutely incredible! Against the Colossus is one of the best movies i've ever seen. i love stick animation but this, this is something else entirely! you rule!!!


2008-01-27 19:01:48

It was great, but the lighting sucked, Everything was black, which made it hard to see some of the most epic moments.


2008-01-28 11:00:33

Best stickman film i've seen. That and Killing Spree VI, almost impossible to decide between the two.You've now been added to my favourite artists!


2008-01-28 16:47:01

HI Your flash rocks:D

( Ik hou can stick figures en jij maakt echt goeie flash:D) srry moest ff in nederlands:P


2008-01-29 15:12:57

I thought it was "meh", you couldn't tell the difference between the "human" and the colossus unless the were in the same scene (because the looked exactly the same/ except for size). What should you improve: stop freaking making stickmen flashes, you're talented enough to do a better job! I know Stickman Animation is popular in the Netherlands but here in the Americas we don't care much for mindless stickman violence (I'm wrong) Well at least I don't care that much for it...

And what the hell did it have to do with Shadow of the Colossus, anyway??

Swished responds:

Lol, what does Holland have to do with stickfigure animations? Nevermind, alot people like stickfigure animations, all over the world.

And what it has to do with SotC?
It's all inspired by that game, you should play the game, and you will notice.

Btw, you could tell the difference between the giant and the man, like the eyes, the mouth, the size, the colossus roars and the man doesn't, also the movements from the giant are alot slower than the main character...
And yes they are both sticks, but they have really much differences! And as long people like stickfigure movies, i will continue making them =D


2008-01-29 20:37:42

I don't really like stick figure movies, but you managed to make stick figures more complex than most people. It was a wonderful animation, good job on it.


2008-02-02 17:50:34

It is the best stick animatoin I've ever seen.


2008-02-04 15:40:52

I have to say it was an amazing flash, keep up the good work.


2008-02-07 15:14:55

amazing, well done


2008-02-13 09:32:36

COOL, Swished, but the sticks are thin.


2008-02-14 00:34:10

Just wow.............I loved it for the intense action it portrayed, as well as the whole "against incredible odds" feel. And also HUZZAH! for the SotC inspiration, i loved that game so much ^_^ good job recreating the "Colossus dying" scene from the game!