Asylum 3 Prologue

2008-02-19 17:38:51 by Swished

Hey everyone :D

Asylum 3 Prologue is in progress at the moment.

If you like the Asylum serie, visit :)
(this page is all about Asylum)

Just wanted to let you know, that there's more coming up in the future. ^^



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2008-02-20 23:05:49

this is the best. I can't wait


2008-02-25 08:54:33

Great, loved your first 2.
Can't wait.


2008-03-25 18:45:29

Dude you rock so hard. Keep doing what you're doing and Newgrounds WILL eventually prosper me then it already has. Contact me on my username if u want some info about me.


2008-05-17 21:43:15

For something so simple, you sure make it look so good