2013-09-25 20:38:59 by Swished

Well, I just want to say that i haven't been active in years due to lack of motivation, time and computer problems. I will check this place more often from now on.
I also have lots of unfinished movies and animations and will probably release them sometime in the future.


Upcoming animation

2010-02-02 17:44:00 by Swished

Hey everyone,

IWillKill was supposed to be released in january 2010, but it was impossible for me to do that.
A week ago, my PC was unable to boot and i thought i lost everything i was working on.
But luckily, that wasn't the case.
I spent a few days without my PC but i got my computer back now.
I still have all the files and i will continue working on IWillKill as soon as i can.

I hope i can release IWillKill this month, i will give a more specific release date very soon. =)

New movie in progress!

2009-10-26 09:25:47 by Swished

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since my last post, but i just want to say that i'm working on a new flash movie.
Some of you have already seen the new trailer at Vanflash.com.
If everything goes well, then it will be released in november 2009.

That's it for now.
You can expect more information about the upcoming movie this or next month =)


I'm having problems with my computer lately and it's slowing down the progress.
Because of this issue, i'm not always able to work on the movie.
I can't release it this month anymore, so i'll have to release the movie in december. =(

That's all i had to say.
It's not much, but i just wanted to let the people know who were expecting the movie
this month.

Asylum 3 released

2008-11-02 08:11:45 by Swished

Hey there, Asylum 3 just got released. =D
What do you think of it?

Upcoming Asylum 3

2008-10-12 09:49:19 by Swished

Hey everyone,

Yep, Asylum 3 is almost done.
I will release it this month or early november.
I had a lot of problems with it lately, that's the reason it takes so long
for me to finish it.

Well, it's going to be longer than my other anims, i put a lot of effort into it.
And i'm trying to release it as soon as i can. =D

Asylum 3 Prologue

2008-02-19 17:38:51 by Swished

Hey everyone :D

Asylum 3 Prologue is in progress at the moment.

If you like the Asylum serie, visit asylum.vanflash.com :)
(this page is all about Asylum)

Just wanted to let you know, that there's more coming up in the future. ^^


Against the Colossus released!

2008-01-23 12:38:06 by Swished

Hello everyone, Against the Colossus is out now! =D
What do you think about this movie?

Against the Colossus

2007-12-29 12:19:13 by Swished

Hello everyone!

Against the Colossus will be out in january 2008.
Be on teh lookout! :D


2007-10-24 10:52:11 by Swished

Fractured released! Go watch it and i hope you all enjoy it =D